Our business hours are 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Saturdays, and we are closed on Sundays.

Propanda Diagnostics provides diagnostic services for electrical/electronic for most cars, SUVs and light duty trucks. For additional information visit: Our Services.

You can call us on 07032883852 or submit a Request for Service via the online contact form here . All Online  requests receive N500 Discount.

Propanda Diagnostics provides its services to most areas of Lagos and Ogun State.

Yes we do but this has to be specially arranged and not to be paid for using the service request form on our website.

When you want to scan a vehicle, you can

  • Wither call our service line +234 0703 361 4805 to book an appointment or fill the service request form on our website and pay for the selected service(s). Booking online assures timely service and also is N500 cheaper than making an appointment via phone call.
  • Bring in your car for diagnostics at the agreed time.
  • Pay for service
  • Your car is serviced as requested.
  • We give you report and Service advice based on your request.

You can schedule to clear the codes after the repairs have been done

If for any reason may be due to dead car battery or ODB(II) port of car not responding, and we are unable to scan your vehicle, we will refund your payment in full. However if we have successfully scanned your vehicle, there won’t be any refund.

Yes you can. If you require additional service after booking, you can request and pay for this at our office.

No we don’t. We find out what the issue is for you and then your local mechanic can fix it for you.